Monday, 30 September 2013

Love at First Sight

Hello from London! My flight arrived Monday morning and after a little post flight nap decided to go for a walk and see where I end up. London truly is a walking city, so much fun to turn a corner and see where it leads you. Looking forward to exploring this awesome place!
Sorry for the poor quality of this post, I am writing it from my iPad and the photos were taken with my iPad. I've never created a post on my iPad so we'll see how this goes. But just wanted to say hi and show you a glimpse of London. Better quality posts and pics will be up when I get back to Toronto. 
Hope you had a good weekend, happy Tuesday!



  1. So envious you're in London! I stopped by for a few hours at Heathrow during a stopover last week and so wished I could stay. Enjoy your time there! x E

  2. loving all the photos, have fun on your travels! Looks wonderful :)

  3. Enjoy London! Truly an amazing city....


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