Friday, 17 January 2014

Britpopper 4 Life

Jacket: Zara | Shirt: Club Monaco | Jeans: Guess | Shoes: vintage
I got this coat last week on a great sale from Zara. It has been a while since I have bought something from Zara. Their sales are so good right now I couldn't resist checking out what they have in store. This coat immediately caught my eye. It is a sharp take on the military inspired jacket that has become so popular in the last couple of seasons. It reminds me of something Liam Gallagher would wear with a feminine twist. I love britpop and what it brought to the fashion scene in the 90s. Here I am expressing my love for one of the best genres of music. 
I am a britpopper for life and this jacket shows it!
Another weekend is upon us. Hope you have a good one.
Happy Friday!


  1. Nice coat!

  2. The coat is lovely! Yess, Zara sales are great, although it my local shop the queues are always sooo looooong, which puts me off buying things- my fault for being impatient!
    -Kate from Bleached Mort


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