Monday, 27 January 2014

Lazy Day People

Is it really Monday already? This weekend went by too fast.  That is probably because I
 worked Saturday and so had only precious Sunday to relax and enjoy. And that is exactly
 what I did with my Sunday. As you can see here I spent the chilly and windy day cozy and
 warm in my comfy bed with a good book, large cup of coffee and the latest Vogue.  Quite the
 luxury. This week I start a new job and have a work conference. Ahhh it will be a busy
 week! Hope you had a good weekend. Have a good Monday! 


  1. You did the best thing for relaxing on a Sunday, it's also one of my fave things to do too. Coffee, cozy clothes and good book :)
    good luck with work this week!

  2. Great blog, nice photos ! I'm glad to follow here now... ♥ You are so lovely and very cute !
    Sandy from France..


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