Wednesday, 26 March 2014

To Keep Or Not To Keep

A few weeks ago I cleaned out my closet. There were sweaters, shirts, pants that I have not worn in quite some time so I figured I should do a purge and donate them. My rule was if I haven't worn the item of clothing in the last 6 months I was going to get rid of it. I ended up donating a full bag. There were some shirts I haven't worn in over a year. Probably a good chance I will not wear them again. There is one particular garment that I can just not part with. And that is this trench coat. I bought this shimmery number a few years ago and wore it all the time. However, it is a bit dated now. Not so much the cut (a trench coat is timeless) but the shimmery gold shade is not really in anymore. I am sure you have some clothing that you love so much you cannot part with even if it is dated. Perhaps it was something worn for a special event, given to you from a special someone or it reminds you of good times. If space allows its nice to keep a few items that you love. They may be out of fashion but for you they are timeless! Perhaps one day I will throw out this coat but for now I am keeping it safe and sound in my closet.  Hope your week is going well, have a good Wednesday.
Trench Coat & Skirt: Club Monaco | Shirt: French Connection | Shoes: Call It Spring 


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