Friday, 14 March 2014

Wild for Wilfred

I think when most Canadian girls step into Aritzia they see something they like. The styles and brands are versatile while maintaining that unique Artizia flare. I am a big fan of the Canadian (!) store and regularly stop in and check out the latest pieces. One of my fave brands from Aritzia is Wilfred. I was so happy when a Wilfred store opened at the Eaton's Centre. Their flowy shirts and dresses, bold and soft colours provide casual daywear that can be dressed up for the evening. This sweater is making its second appearance on the blog this month. Some may say that is a fashion blogger faux-pas but I think its fun when bloggers style the same pieces in different outfits. The sweater was paired with a dress at the store and I thought hey, I could do that! I immediately imagined this exact outfit in my mind. Sometimes what you imagine in your mind doesn't work out in reality. But in this case I think it did. The combinations of textures, colours and cuts create a bohemian vibe but with that signature urban Wilfred feel. 
If you are keeping up with Canadian weather you probably know what I am going to write next....Toronto got another snowstorm on Wednesday. Its cold, snowy and I am still wearing my winter boots and parka. Not cool Mother Nature...not cool.
Happy Friday, wishing you a great weekend!
Sweater & Dress: Wilfred (dress from Aritzia) | Boots: Miss Sixty | Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Your boots look so good!! Let's hope spring will come soon to Canada too :)))

  2. cute outfit, I really like the sweater :)

  3. Awesome. I love it. :*

  4. Hi Sarah!

    I agree with you - I can't go into Aritzia without finding at least an armful of things I love. Such an awesome shop to reflect Canadian style! I live a few minutes away from the original store in Vancouver and love going in :)

    I think you pulled off this look flawlessly! It looks very effortlessly stylish :) Sorry to hear that it snowed in Toronto again. It looks like a gorgeous day in the photos! We've been faced with a lot of rain recently on the west coast. It makes getting out and taking photos really difficult!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I hope to keep in touch xx



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