Friday, 23 May 2014

Le le But !

In the spirit of the hockey game last night (Habs won!) I decided to post this Montreal photo diary. Actually...I was going to post this today anyway but doesn't it work out well that the Canadiens won! I spent a day walking around Old Montreal and the Old Port. Such a beautiful area of the city. I went to a great little place for brunch called Le Cartet. I had the blueberry french bread which was so good I had to mention it here! One of the most classic scenes of Montreal (for me) are the horses patiently standing along the sidewalks in Old Montreal. It was nice to hear them walking by while I was sipping my cappuccino. My friend and I walked around Jeanne Mance Park my last evening. I think that is one of the most beautiful strolls I have ever taken in a park! The weather and scenery were perfect plus I had awesome company. Wishing you a tres bon weekend. Happy Friday!  


  1. nice spring day , gorgeous articture and lovely flowers
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  2. I've never been to Monteal! Looks stunning!
    L A


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