Thursday, 28 August 2014

Love Actually

Hello! Hope your week is going well. I had four days off last weekend and here is a little photo diary of what I got up to. I spent the time at my parents' place relaxing and hanging out with my sister and pets. My sis and I watched Love Actually and the Notebook on Sunday. I have seen them before but both are worth another watch. On Monday and Tuesday I bonded with my sweet little hound dog and was introduced to kittens in the barn. Growing up on a farm barn kittens are a summer staple. Not much is sweeter than watching curious little kittens playing and stumbling on hay and grass. The weather was lovely so I spent a lot of time outside in the sun. Got a bit of a sunburn. So nice to chill in the country for a few days. 
Summer relaxation at its best. 
Hanging out with my gal pal Tinkerbelle
Healthy eats
Weekend read
Bumped into a neighbor on my walk
Sunflowers in my mother's garden
Venturing out into the world for the first time
Time for bed sleepyhead
Wishing you a happy day!


  1. enjoying summer to the fullest huuh :)
    lovely kitties
    keep in touch

  2. i can feel the summer spirit from you photos:) so great shots:)

  3. those sweet little kitten faces! gorgeous shots!

  4. Looks like you had a great few days off! These photos are beautiful! I love the sunflowers and those adorable kittens! Perfect way to spend your days! XO


  5. Awww gorgeous and lovelies pictures! Your kitties are so fluffy! Beautiful look! =D

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  6. Preciosas fotografías, los gatitos son muy lindos. Besos

  7. great pics :)

  8. Beautiful photographs! :) The kittens look adorable.

  9. OMG you live in this paradise?! Those sunflowers! Lucky you! And I love your dress. I'm a maxi dress fan myself. :)


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