Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I took a day trip to visit the beautiful windmills located in Zaanse Schans, about a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam. It was neat to see actual windmills. I went into an oil mill that dates back to 1672. It was really neat to see how one operates and to climb up the stairs and get a great view of the area. If you ever make it to Holland I recommend checking out this place. It is definitely worth the visit. It was great to see a bit of the Dutch countryside. A nice escape from the hustle bustle of Amsterdam.
A classic tourist destination! 

Hope your week is going well. Yesterday my parents visited and I had a lovely time with them. Wishing you a good day!  



  1. These windmills are so cute! XO


  2. wow, such a beautiful place, so many windmill's
    keep in touch


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