Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Yesterday I went to the Royal Fair held annually in Toronto. I've been going every year for the past few years and enjoy myself every time. I love walking around and looking at all the lovely animals. Especially lovely are the Percheron horses all dressed up and ready for the horse shows. This year there was a pretty Christmas tree competition. 
I also met some friendly sheep and goats at the petting zoo.  
A fun way to spend an afternoon!
Beautiful Percherons 
Pretty Christmas tree competition 
Have a good day!


  1. Wow. How I wish I could attend and watch something like this here. Cute photos <3

    Have a great day, Sarah!


  2. amazing post! love your all photos :)
    followed you back ;)

  3. This fair looks like so much fun!!! love the pictures of the horses and the Alpaca! haha


  4. Now this is a fair I've never been to! This looked pretty interesting- and I'd probably not be able to get over the alpacas. They look so silly and fluuuuffy. Seriously, I had to stare at them for a full minute through your pictures haha. And now I feel 100% city girl =P

    xo marlen
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