Thursday, 26 March 2015

Winter Photo Diary // Spring Cleaning

winter toronto
hound dog
university of toronto
 I wanted to share with you my last batch of photos I took over the winter months. I also wanted to wish you a Happy Spring! I am looking forward to the fresh start a new season brings, especially spring. This season I am pushing the restart button. I have been in a slump the last few weeks - eating unhealthy, not sleeping well, not exercising, watching too much TV. All this can lead to feeling lousy and negative vibes. So I am going to do some spring cleaning, both physically and mentally. 
  1. Eat Healthy. I have been eating too much junk food which just makes you feel sluggish and puffy. Its all about clean eating this spring - fresh produce, lean meats and whole grains. 
  2. Meditate. My mom suggested I start meditating. Not going to lie, I had my doubts but its actually very soothing and helps you deal with stress. I have been doing it for a few days and its a great activity at night before bed. It is time to simply focus on your breathing and concentrate on here and now.
  3. Exercise. I am going to start this gradually, even a short walk outside. I read that just 10 minutes of natural sunlight can boost your mood for up to 2 hours. Exercising is great for the body and also the mind. It boosts your energy and mood. It also helps with confidence. 
  4. Watch less TV. I am having a love/hate relationship with Netflix. So good but so's to more reading and less Francis Underwood. 
  5. Positive vibes. This is actually easier said than done. Having positive thoughts can be tough at times. However, much like eating healthy, meditating and getting up off your butt, positive vibes can add to boosting your mood. It's good to create a healthy relationship between your mind and body and let them speak to one another. This is like any relationship in life, it takes time to grow and work. 
I think this spring cleaning is going to go well (and here is the start of positive vibes already). Always good to reflect, clear your mind and have a few goals. I encourage you to do some spring cleaning, whether that's literally or figuratively. I suppose its good to do both. 

Wishing you a good day and positive vibes. 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! Today is about coming together and celebrating the many accomplishments of womankind and also raising awareness of the hardships women still face in this world. One of the first steps to true equality on an international level is for more people to say I am a Feminist. This includes both women and men. There is, unfortunately, often a negative connotation attached to the term feminist. 

It pains me when a girl says I am Not a Feminist. A fashion blogger recently wrote that she was not a "hardcore feminist". A friend once told me she wasn't a feminist. A survey in Cosmo asked the question "Are you a Feminist?" and only half of women responded with a "yes". If young women can't even say I am a Feminist how negative is the term's reputation? Do we know what saying I am a Feminist really means? 

We should all say I am a Feminist (!) 
Because being a feminist means you believe in equal rights of men and women. Being a feminist means you believe that girls should have equal opportunities in education, career, marriage, life. Being a feminist means you believe that women should have the right to their bodies and that all sexual relations should be of equal consent. Being a feminist means you believe that girls should be educated about their bodies and should not be ashamed of their bodies and know they are more than just sexual objects for men. Being a feminist means you believe that girls should be educated to believe that they are equal human beings with brains, integrity and the freedom to be their own person.  

We should all say I am a Feminist (!)
Because being a feminist does not mean you hate men. Being a feminist does not mean you are not happy. Being a feminist does not mean you hate sex. Being a feminist does not mean all you do is rant. Being a feminist does not mean you are ugly. Being a feminist does not mean you don't care about how you look. Being a feminist does not mean you don't shave your legs. Being a feminist does not mean you do not want to get married. Being a feminist does not mean you don't recognize how far women have come and what women, and men, are doing now to better the lives of girls and women.     
This photo is of my grandmother and little sister from years ago. Lets hope that young girls everywhere, one day, can grow up in an environment where they truly believe that they are equal, beautiful and can make their own choices. 
I like my long hair, I like to wear heels, I like to wear dresses, I like men, I like to maintain a healthy weight, I like to read fashion magazines, I like to feel pretty every now and then. I am a Feminist! I know how to use a screwdriver, I know how to ride a horse, I know how to drive a stick shift, I know how to do my taxes, I read the news and know what's going on in the world. I am a Feminist! I really hope you say the same. Actually, I hope you stand up proud, throw your hands in the air and shout I AM A FEMINIST!!   

Monday, 2 March 2015

The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

oak and fort
Hello! Hope you had a good weekend. I have been sick the last few days and spent my weekend in bed, not fun. Due to my sick situation I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time watching TV. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe were a huge part of my life for a few days. Sometimes that is just the way things have to be when you're not feeling well and can't get out of bed. It is good to lose yourself in a tv show for a bit and escape the reality of being sick. However, there comes a time when you watch so much TV that you are like hey, I need to live my own life and stop watching TV. So, when I felt a little stronger, I started to read which was more intellectually stimulating. Something about reading a book feels more rewarding than watching TV. Luckily I am feeling better and hope to actually do something productive this week! I am limiting myself to one episode of Friends a day. 
Ok maybe 2 episodes....  
Wishing you a good week. Happy March!    
oak and fort
I bought this cardigan from the Vancouver-based line Oak + Fort. They have a lovely little boutique on Queen West downtown Toronto. I love their minimalist vibe. I have been wearing this cardigan a lot. It's great over my summer dresses. Looking forward to wearing it as a jacket in the spring.
I was feeling discouraged and blah this weekend. I came across this quote which I found inspiring:
 "The two things you can control in life are your effort and your attitude."
oak and fort
Cardigan: Oak + Fort | Dress: Very J (from Kazuo) | Boots: Nine West
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