Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Standfor Bloggers First Campaign

I am excited to announce that my blog is apart of Standfor's Bloggers First Campaign! Standfor is an ultra trendy shoe label that offers a positive message through their footwear designs. It is always great to communicate an idea through fashion and style. Standfor prompts you to "talk your walk". The spring/summer 2015 collection is titled Smoke Less, a message that promotes the ideal of a healthy body and a healthy environment. You can choose from a range of designs, colour and footwear type including shoes, boots and ankle boots. I am loving the psychedelic vibe of the collection's patterns combined with fresh colours, sleek designs and important messages.

So being part of the Bloggers First Campaign means I can offer you an exclusive presale that is valid until May 3. 
You can check out the presale through my personal storefront.        

There are different footwear lines belonging to the collection. I am especially loving the Breathe line, promoting a healthy way of life by way of healthy lungs. The blue is to remind us of the sky and open air. 
These are great desings for meditation inspiration!  

Be sure to check out the collection through my 
Presale on until May 3



  1. These prints are so cool!


  2. amazing post :)
    have a nice weekend, kisses :)


  3. Nice shoes. xx


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