Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Le Chateau

I am loving Le Chateau's F/W 2015 campaign. I saw one of these posters at a bus stop and literally stopped in my tracks. The campaign is fresh, fun and a celebration of being Canadian. The campaign is inspired by the city where Le Chateau was founded - Montreal. I do enjoy visiting Montreal. They have a flair and pizzazz you just don't get here in Toronto. To be honest I don't really shop at Le Chateau all that much these days. I used to frequent the store in high school. This campaign has inspired me to check out the store - exactly what a good advertisement is supposed to do! Just had to share this with you. Proud to be Canadian!! Wishing you a trĂ©s bien day! 


  1. This is surely a fun retro campaign, I love the first pic! I can totally imagine you stopped to take a look, haha. You have a great blog, feel free to check out mine too ;-) xoxo

  2. these pictures are all so cute and creative!

  3. I agree, their new campaigns have really caught my attention! Their stuff looks so nice but I do wish it was at a bit lower of a price point.


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