Thursday, 31 December 2015


A few of my fave photos, outfits and moments of the year. It has been a year of some major highs and lows. I won't get too personal with the lows but some major highs were my trip to Vegas in the summer with my little sister and another trip to Cuba with one of my best friends. It is so much fun to travel, especially with good company. I started swimming again and strengthening my back. I have suffered from back pain and it is starting to get better this year. The swimming has really helped. Exercise is good for the body and mind. My sister met a great guy and I am very happy for her. I turned 30...still deciding if that is a high or a low! I will look at it as a high. The insecurities I had in my 20s are starting to go and I am gaining more confidence in myself and my body. That sounds super cheesy but as you enter your late 20s, especially as a women, I find you begin to accept yourself a bit more. Also, the relationships you have with friends, family and guys are more meaningful. You begin to realize that surrounding yourself with people that actually care about you is so much better for yourself than hanging out with people that don't. Sounds obvious but that can take years to realize. 
Love that feeling of a fresh start with a new year. Hoping 2016 is a good one. Still thinking over what exactly my new year resolutions will be but they usually involve health and travel. 
Wishing you a happy and safe new year. Good bye 2015. Hello 2016!!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy Holidays

 The best things about the holidays are the presents! I'm joking ofcourse, it's the food. I went home last week for Christmas and had a nice time with family. Wishing you a happy holiday season full of love, family and friends.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Krista Norris

Another cool Canadian designer here on the blog - Krista Norris! The accessories label includes a wide variety of trendy scarves. I checked out her booth at the Inland shopping event. The lovely display of scarves is what caught my attention. I decided on this awesome infinity scarf that is a perfect two tone colour combination - ash and purple. Loving the wingtip design that lets the scarf fall naturally around the neck. I've been wearing it a lot this season.
Happy Wednesday!
Scarf: Krista Norris | Jacket: RD Style (Jean Machine) | Sweater: Anthropoligie

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Hello and Happy December! I do enjoy the holiday season. The glitz and glamour in stores and malls, spending time with family and friends and peppermint flavoured drinks. I got this sweater a couple of weeks ago from Anthropoligie at half off! Loving the style and colour. Perfect for the upcoming winter months.
Wishing you a good day. Happy Humpday!
Sweater: Anthropoligie | Jeans: Guess | Boots: BOC (Winners)
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