Monday, 18 January 2016

New Year, New You

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend. Hard to believe it is already January 18. Hope your year is off to a good start. I was on holiday mode for a bit too long. Its time to start eating healthier and exercising. I have been thinking over my list of new year resolutions and have come up with a few. I love making new year resolutions. Sometimes I don't always follow through with them but it is still a good motivator to have a list of what you would like to accomplish for the year. Here goes...

Meditate I started meditating last spring and really enjoyed it. It is a great stress reliever. The last few months I have been slacking on daily meditation. I want to start doing it again on a daily basis. Even for just 10 minutes.
Exercise This is probably one of the most popular of new year resolutions. I suffered from a major back injury last year and began swimming to help strengthen my back. I want to continue swimming and start lifting weights this year. Also planks (need to work those abs!).
Travel I don't know where and I don't know when but I definitely want to take a trip this year.
Move into a Grown Up Apartment I currently live in a tiny bachelor and I would like to move into a one bedroom apartment. Toronto rent is very expensive so we will see how this goes. But I will definitely start looking.

I think this is doable. I could come up with more but there are only 12 months in a year so I will keep it at this.
Wish me luck!

Have a great week. Wishing you good luck with your new year resolutions.
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